10903-10917 VANOWEN

  • LOCATIONNorth Hollywood, CA
  • Property Type Infill/Last-Mile
  • Project/Property Status Completed
  • Market Greater Los Angeles

These six Xebec-acquired Infill/Last Mile facilities, totaling 105,466 SF, are located within the densely populated market of Greater Los Angeles, 1.4 miles west of the Hollywood Burbank Airport. The location provides direct access to central Los Angeles as well as the San Fernando Valley, with proximity to Interstate 5, CA-170.

Infill/Last Mile facilities are smaller fulfillment centers and warehouses located in dense urban areas that facilitate prompt-deliveries or provide short-term warehousing. Greater Los Angeles is one of the most highly sought-after markets in the country because of its dense population, the high volume of imports through the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port Complex, and its numerous airports, interstate highways, and rail intermodals.

*All measurements and distances provided are approximations.