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Building Upon Decades of
Experience in Logistics Real Estate

Xebec Logistics Trust, LP (“XLT”) is a privately held, open-ended real estate fund singularly focused on investing in, owning and managing, high-quality first generation Class A industrial logistics assets located in supply-constrained gateway, intermodal, and emerging logistics markets in the United States.

Through the execution of this focused strategy, XLT has assembled a growing and diversified portfolio comprised primarily of best-in-class industrial logistics assets designed to meet the needs of the modern eCommerce occupier. The portfolio generates stable income and aims to deliver longer-term growth through asset appreciation and strategic acquisition and selected project development and redevelopment.

“Industrial Logistics Real Estate Designed to Support eCommerce and the Modern Logistics Supply Chain”


The management team at Xebec, XLT’s sponsor and general partner, has over three decades of experience in industrial logistics real estate acquisition, development, and asset management, as well as institutional and public company reporting and compliance.  Xebec is an investment advisor registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  

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  • Any entity that (i) would be required to register as an investment company under the Investment Company Act but for reliance on an exemption pursuant to Section 3(c)(1) or 3(c)(7) thereof; and (ii) any outstanding securities held by the entity were acquired on or before April 30, 1996.
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