Xebec Logistics Trust, LP (XLT) is an open-ended private real estate investment fund singularly focused on the industrial logistics real estate sector including eCommerce real estate. XLT provides investors with the opportunity for consistent and stable cash flows in turbulent times, and potential growth through appreciation.

Growth in eCommerce is Accelerating

The rise of eCommerce has fundamentally reshaped the modern global retail supply chain, creating increasing demand for industrial logistics real estate. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on retail distribution has catalyzed an already strong growth story for industrial logistics real estate. The COVID economy, and the impact on retail distribution, propelled eCommerce sales for consumer products, including grocery, and highlighted to retailers the need for increased inventory levels, decentralized distribution networks, and last-mile fulfillment centers for same-day deliveries. Contact us to learn more about XLT’s strategy for delivering product through a premier investment vehicle to meet this growing demand.

Exceeds Supply

eCommerce is now the preferred channel for delivery of consumer goods. This fundamental shift in retail consumption and the global logistics supply chain have created an unmet demand for more industrial logistics real estate. The next generation industrial logistics building must be technologically advanced, designed to increase inventory management efficiency, provide “last touch” infill and last-mile assistance to lower transportation costs and shorten delivery times, as well as comply with today’s health and safety requirements. Tenant demand is expected to be focused on Class A properties in “Tier One” markets and XLT’s existing portfolio and investment strategy aligns with this demand.

Record of Success

Xebec, XLT’s sponsor, has acquired and developed, redeveloped or repositioned industrial and industrial logistics real estate projects totaling over 11.5 million square feet, including approximately 14.6 million square feet currently in various stages of development.

Xebec is led by founder Randy Kendrick and a veteran management team with over 100 years of combined real estate acquisition, development, capital markets and asset management experience providing investors, including Prudential, Oaktree, Heitman, Barings and PCCP, the opportunity to earn attractive risk-adjusted returns.

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